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I’m a post-doctoral researcher focusing on numerical analysis and data science.

My research activity concentrates on developing reduced-order models for the efficient solution of uncertainty quantification and inverse problems. The numerical models, such as the ones arising from the discretization of partial differential equations, could be affected by a significant amount of uncertainties related e.g. to both physical and geometrical parameters. Developing uncertainty quantification and inverse techniques is thus crucial for a personalization of these models. My main interests concern the development of engineering applications, such as cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics.

In February 2017, I received my PhD in Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering from Politecnico di Milano University, under the supervision of Prof. Alfio Quarteroni. My thesis, entitled Reduced-order models for inverse problems and uncertainty quantification in cardiac electrophysiology, regards the development of reduced-order models for the efficient and accurate solution of uncertainty quantification and inverse problems arising in cardiac electrophysiology. From 2017 to April 2018, I was a post-doctoral researcher at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. I have joined the iHEART project as a post-doctoral researcher in May 2018.


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